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There are two kinds of trainers, a. there are trainers who work with a single person to train them for loosing weight, teaching them a subject or fighting skills, personal trainer at the gym, personal trainer to get stronger, personal trainer as a physiotherapist, a personal trainer to improve their working level at the job and many more. Let’s just say that there are personal trainers and b. are the type of trainers who give training to a big crowd. The trainer at a gym will train more than one people and in big industries if the employees are not giving their 100%, then a trainer is hired to get them back on the right track with a good kickstart, that trainer will also hear out the difficulties employees face in an office and the trainer will then discuss those problems with the CEO or the management and sort things between different parties. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, the average salary of a trainer was 37,000 AED and now in the main cities of UAE, the salary can go as high as 91,000 AED. 

And again, according to a survey done by a Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2014 and in 2015, there more than 24,000 job opening for personal trainers and trainers that were required for industries and huge companies. So, this seems like a good job and also a very respectable job for that matter. A trainer, a coach, a teacher and mentor as seen with great respect because they give you right advices when needed and makes sure that you head in the game at all times. First, you have to get a degree of becoming a trainer from any institute that is offering. You can also get the training to giving a CPR which will be a plus point in your portfolio and even in your resume because during a training if you come across a situation where you think this is the time to call the ambulance, in the time of arrival this certification will help in keeping the person alive. You have to those degrees and certificated attested from the Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise or from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. If you to become a commercial trainer for employees, you get the degrees and certificate attested from the British Council.

You can get many trainers available at UAE because the trend of trainers has just started there. You can find the best personal training center in Dubai and personal trainer for weight loss in UAE as well.